Fresh Cape Gooseberries.

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Hi PCs,

I have a few pints of fresh Gooseberries still in thier husk. There very sweet and great out of hand but I would love to know how any of you work with these on the sweet side. I have used them many times on the savoury side and love them with game ect.

Also, can I freeze them?If I do, will there sugar crystalize and break down when defrosting?

Also,1 more question. What family are they in? they have a very subtle tomato flavor.

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pull back the husks but leave them attached, dip in dark chocolate ala chocolate covered strawberries (only half way so you have a color contrast) It looks and tastes great.

aren't they related to the tomatillos (green mexican tomatoes that have the same sort of husk) so they may indeed be in the tomato family ???
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I used to peel back the husk and use as dessert garnish for a dessert that used them, i can't remember what it was. I think it was a coconut spiced tart with pumpkin custard and gooseberries on top.

I love the idea of using them dipped in chocolate!
No, I would not freeze them unless you were going to sauce them.
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Yes, I've heard that they're related to tomatillos too.

I was never fond of the flavor of gooseberries, but with the husk, they do make a pretty garnish for a fruit salad or fruit-based dessert.
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