French onion pairing

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Hi all im planning a dinner party for some friends because i'm going to be cutting a tonne of onions to work on knife skills not letting them go to waist i was going to make a french onion soup but i dont know what to have as a protien any suggestions keep in mind im a student so nothing like a beef tender loin


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I would do the soup as a first course, followed by a salad possibly, then your entrée. In that case, you could go just about any way you would want, but I think I would keep it simple and classic. A herb roasted chicken, or nice roast pork. Not sure where you are at, but here in Wisconsin it is starting to feel like autumn so I would pair either of those with some roasted root vegetables or maybe brussel sprouts.
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With the soup starter (make it very beefy with homemade stock) and follow with a simple second course.
I see a mélange (slightly colder than room temp) of colorful beets that have been roasted and dressed with a sweet/tart dressing that would cut the richness of the soup and clear the palate for a nice fatty pork roast with natural gravy and a few roasted petite potatoes (crispy skins!) hit with a handful of freshly chopped parsley (to get the green in lol).
Adjourn to another room for dessert (I would keep this light...maybe a platter with a choice of 3-5 simple cookies and one killer dark chocolate) served with coffee and brandy.

Hmmm I need to keep this menu in mind for the winter holidays.

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French Onion soup is a meal in itself. I find pairing it with a salad and maybe a light small plate protein is fine. That way you leave room for a little dessert. ;)

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