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I died and the French Laundry!!!

Hi everyone,

I'm probably stating or restating the obvious, but if there is one place everyone must go to eat at least once, it is the French Laundry in Yountville, CA. Unfortunately, you just have to go to understand it. It would be equivalent to explaining to a blind person what the color blue looks like, I mean really, its about the total experience. I have had the cookbook, tried to match some of Keller's dishes, read about his place in books like The Soul of A Chef but now finally can say, AAAAH HAAAAA, so that is what the hype is all about!!!!!!

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Hi Mike,

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Yes, the French Laundry has been disussed many times. Click here and you'll find 63 separate thread topics which refer to the French Laundry.

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I had the great good fortune to go to the French Laundry a couple of years ago with some friends. I agree with Mike, it's something of a Mecca for foodies and you need to go once in your lifetime. (Of course it takes a lifetime to get a reservation!!)

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