French Intership

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I am a Chic graduate and im now looking to do a internship oversea's perhaps in france. Is there anyone that can point me in the direction of making that happen
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its hard if you read more online you will find out that in order to do that you will need a work visa and since unemployment is so high in france they rather hire their own than get someone form other countries. so u need to know someone really well to get a job. i was close to working in paris but my plans fell through. plus knowing the language or at least the basics is important. im still trying but im not stopping all my plans and keep doing my thing. good luck
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When did you graduate CHIC?  Nov 09 here. 

Anyway, as skatz said, France is really reluctant (and has been for a little while now) to allow work visas because of their own employment problems.  It is something I looked into as well.  It sucks, but don't hold your breath.  All the best!
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