French Imports Emergency!!!

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I have some family that is leaving for a European trip today.  They asked me if there is anything that I want from France.  All I could come up with was a specific bottle of wine that is not imported to the US, as well as Fleur de Sel.  Other than that, anything else you could think of???  Anything besides congnac, wines and spirits?
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cheese, and cured meat comes to mind. What ones? I wouldn't know where to start. Seriously, I would be trying to get whatever I couldn't find in the States.
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cook books!

you can get some fantastic bilingual professional books with some editions  written in French and English (look for  'édition bilingue français-anglais')
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I do not know about meats...canned goods yes.

There is a Artisan Chocolatiere called " Des Lis Chocolat ", they make the most wonderful chocolates, like poppy seed flavored, violet , different fact there are many fine places that make great artisan chocolate
An olive oil by the name of Barral, its OVOO and has a very nice taste, I do not know if you can get it here.
Also there is Apidis honey.
We had a thread on this not too long ago, but I think it was more to do with places to see. (there were some stores mentionned)

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Fleur de sel... you won't save much as it's almost the same price in France as here - depending on where you live maybe.

I would ask for canned goods as raw milk cheeses and cured meats are forbidden.

Canned stuff:
• Cassoulet
• Confit de canard (duck confit)
• Confit d'oie (goose confit)
• Foie Gras
• Creme de Marrons (cream of chestnuts)
• Amora Moutarde de Dijon fine et forte (very cheap in France, no substitute in the US: the real deal, hot, hot stuff).

Other stuff:
• Marrons glaces (sugar glazed chestnuts)
• Chocolate

I have one favorite processed food I always ask my relatives to bring me when they come here. It's a childhood favorite, and I'm always really emotional when I open a box of those, and then try to lift the crushed little cookies (from the trip) that are stuck on the paper (from the trip):

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