French Asparagus

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I just came back from the store and as much as I hate to admit it I saw something I was unfamiliar with. It was "wild french asparagus" the stalks were flimsy, about 1/8" thick. The heads a fraction of the size of "regular" asparagus. It looked more like a weed gone crazy. You know those weeds we used to pick up that had the flowering heads that before they flowered you would tie it in a loose knot and shoot the bud off the top? Wel thats kind of what it looked like, except in a lovely pale green color. Has anybody ever tasted this or used it? By the way it was $19.99/lb. but small enough that I imagine a pound would be rather large (I would hope)
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Aren't they beautiful????

Last year at the NRA show in Chicago, Momo and I where at Sid Wainers booth when Henry wainer (prez) recieved some wild french grass and just kind of intermingled it with all the other produce on display...I was sucking those things down faster then he could display them. As far as cooking them, i treat them kind of like ramps...just roll them in some warm butter with sea salt and milled black pepper.
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I don't believe wild asparagus is particular to France. It used to grow like crazy in my backyard in NC. I'd cut the grassy shoots (that is, if I could get them before the rabbits and deer did) and like Cape, roll them in browned butter with a sprinkle of sea salt. YU-UU-UU-UU-UU-UUMMMMMM!


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Were they light green or a yellowish shade of white?

For some reason white asparagus is what you find in most French markets. Green asparagus are rarely available in France.
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These were decidely NOT white asparagus. They were a beautiful pale green. And thin unable to stand straight, more bent over like a grass. But as I said a round stem, hollow like (though I dodn't squeeze it to see) and thin. Better for a salad than a plate of veg. I would think.

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