freezing veggies

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which can be frozen and which can't? which needs to be blanched and which doesn't? baby carrots, mushrooms, zucchini, onions, peppers to name a few. 
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I believe it's cheaper to buy already frozen veggies.  The only veggies I freeze are peeled garlic and crushed fresh tomatoes.  I keep the garlic in a jar and the tomatoes in ziploc bags. They both freeze beautifully.  I love frozen peas and buy them all the time but it would be much more expensive to buy them fresh and then freeze.  Corn also freezes well.  Carrots are not so good frozen in my opinion, neither are mushrooms.  I would not freeze fresh broccoli or cauliflower but if you do make sure to blanch them first.
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Since we have a huge vegetable garden at work, I do freeze quite a lot.

The technique depends on the vegetable.

Most things like green beans, corn carrots, I can blanch, shock, pat dry, and vacuum pack.

Zucchini I grate, drain, bag, vacuum, then freeze.

Potatoes do not freeze well.

Tomatoes are always canned.

Beets, I roast, peel, then vacuum pack

Most other root vegetable go in the cellar.
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Corn still on the cob is so easy to freeze!

Just shuck off most of the husk (leave prolly 2-3 layers) then chop off both ends (the top esp as it gets rid of the silk that will be nasty when defrosted),

You can pack one of 2 ways.

Slightly vac pack or my fave is just to pack into good quality freezer bags.

The freezer bag allows for just a few to be removed and reseal.

Never had any "freezer burn" issues with the ziplock freezer bag either.


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