freezing mini quiches without having cooked the egg mixture

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i need to make 400 mini quiches for a function. can i bake the cases, add onion confit n crumbled blue cheese n add mixed mascarpone mixed with RAW egg and FREEZE them? n just cook from frozen on the day? help please!!! :)
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Hi Patricia,

 I would definately par-bake before freezing. High heat to quickly set them and brown the tops if desired (remember though that browned egg is burnt egg). If you want some color I would put some type of cheese or dust with bread crumbs. Sounds like you have enough cheese though. Why the Mascarpone? But high heat to set the mix being sure to pull them in time for the residual heat to finish them but not dry them out. Similiar to a wet/loose scramble. Freeze, thaw and reheat hopefully to a nice hot and still moist yummy goodness! Good luck, Dan
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I have always 3/4 baked mine and Quick frozen. The ones that come already made  vary some raw some cooked dependent on brand. Believe it or not the one in COSTCO is pretty good. The cooked ones seem to always be dry, that is why I only cook mine 3/4
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Patricia, you need to give some more info. What dough will you use for the cases?  When making miniquiches I always use commercial puff pastry without par-baking! Works perfectly, even with large quiches as long as the baking time (30-35 minutes - quiches filled) is long enough and at the right temperature (200°C). I use muffin tins; you don't need to cut the pastry to perfection, but I always use a saucer to cut nice rounds that are a little too big for the muffin holes, which gives them a nice appearance (see picture below).

Please, don't use Roquefort bleu cheese; it's very salty and gives a too strong taste. Italian gorgonzola dolce is best. Tastewise, I would go for grated Emmenthaler mixed with Gruyère. You could make your life much easier and make the quiches tastier and.. look better by replacing the onions by leeks. Chop them nicely (leave some green on it to get color variations), steam until soft and they are ready to use in the quiche.

Why use mascarpone? It's quite expensive for 400 quiches! A normal quiche base is 100 ml liquid (50% cream/50%milk) and 1 whole egg mixed in. You can make it a little more stable and less crumbly by adding more eggyolk; 300 ml liquid + 3 whole eggs + 2 extra yolks makes a nice smooth base. You could also use this base; start by mixing 75 gram flour into 3 whole eggs, mix well, then add a mixture of 200 ml cream+100 ml milk. This is a very stable and deliciously smooth mixture. I also use it for making clafoutis with cherries (there's no dough involved -see picture below).  Don't forget to season! S&P & nutmeg!!!

My suggestion? Make the quiches 2 days before, baked entirely! Just warm them in a 180°C oven.

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Thx Dan n Ed, i will par-bake 'em n freeze 'em n finish them the day of the event, knowing this gives me peace of mind, I can get them done today n carry on w the rest of the menu, which is still lots of work, but at least 1 thing less 2 worry about!!!!!!!  :)

Thx Chris too. i use shortcrust pastry for my quiches. I find puff pastry to be a bit too rich and it does not hold as well. (shortcrust is pate brisee) and it works pretty well.

The recipe calles for caramelized red onion, blue cheese (I will use gorgonzola dolce though, thx 4 tip) n a mix of mascarpone n egg yolk. the quiches r only little so 2 tubs of mascarpone will suffice!!!!!!!!!!!

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