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From the "this may be a dumb question but" file:  We buy fresh bagels, a dozen at a time, and freeze them.  Our friend does the same but with day-old bagels because they're cheaper, and he maintains that once you freeze and defrost them, there's no difference.  Is there a difference?
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I don't buy bagels, but I do have 1 or 2 day old bread that looks like going to waste so I bung it in the freezer for later use.

I'll use that only for toast or breadcrumbs or croutons once it comes out, as to me, there is a difference in taste and texture.  Can;t help you with the frozen bagel theory - sorry!  I just can't stand the taste of bread without heating/toasting once it's been frozen,   No idea why this is, but it does make economic sense to keep it.
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Where I live they don't know from bagels. When I have family come here from the big city I always ask for 4 dozen mixed.

I freeze them solid, then use the Food Saver to vacuum pack them. When I want one, I take it from the freezer, slit open the bag and allow to thaw.

There is a difference, I assure you.
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Difference is not in the freezing ,but in the fact that she is using a day old which in reality is a day and a half. Here in Florida the water is so bad and the Humidity so high that it is almost impossible to get a true NY type bite bagel. The key to the bagel is the water so all my baker friends tell me.

Many bagel places here use frozen preformed  and just bake them off. I personally buy 2 brands from NY one is Rays the other is H &H. Rays makes an Assiago cheese bagel (available in Publix that is great as are their Bially's)

Don't try and make them home cause you can't . A water bagel is boiled first and the hotter the water the better. Years ago in New York LYE was added to the water to achieve this. I don't know what is used today? The faster you freeze the better. The trick is in the pull and bite of the NY bagel.


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I think the difference is small Phoebe. I would agree with Ed in that it probably depends where you are in the country/world. We buy bread when it is on sale and freeze it and although it tastes little like "Fresh" bread it tastes just fine.

On a side note I just received a Zojirushi bread machine and we are now making our bread fresh instead of buying it. So tasty.
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