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When freezing dough that has, for example, two rise periods, should you freeze it right after you have made it and allow it to go thruough the rise twice after it has thawed or should you allow it to double, punch it down and then freeze it? Or,......does it not make any difference?
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I've frozen brioche and danish dough, both recipes I got out of Baking With Julia (you might want to read her info. on freezing specfic doughs mentioned at each bread recipe).
I froze mine right after making them with-out a rise. When you defrost them you'll get a rise (a small rise)in the cooler. The when you portion it out, you'll get your real proof before it does get two proofs after it's frozen technically.
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For danish/puff/croissant, as W. said, I'd just freeze straight after making. For bread doughs, I think I would freeze after the first rise, the second rise would be a slow cool one when you defrost the dough in the fridge.
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hi. my name is amber and i am a student at the university of connecticut. i am doing an article on bread for a journalism class. i am trying to get any information on bread. anything from bread baking tips to recipes, pros and cons of bread baking machines,nutrition info, etc. perhaps we can chat. please let me know. i am desperate for information! thanks. amber.:confused: :confused:
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I would contact Kyle, but you should probably have specific questions for him.
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...also be sure to read through this forum. You'll find a lot of questions and answers throughout it.

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