Freezing cake/cupcake batter

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What are everyone's thoughts. Dose it worn? Have you had any luck? How do you freeze your batter?
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Well I'm making a few favors for a friend. I am only giving them three cupcakes per flavor. I can scale down recipes but it's easier to do say 6 then a batch of 3. I have never had to make such small batches. I'm also afraid that to scaled-down a recipe so small it will affect the quality of the cake. So if I can make a normal batch and freeze what's left then I can pull it out later for other projects. I don't know if this makes any sense or if it's me just being overly cautious. It was just a question that I want to ask great minds about.


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I'd just bake them all off and freeze what you don't want to give away.They freeze well after baking. Some say it even makes it moister. My sister is an adherent of this philosophy.
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What flavours are you thinking of doing?? Sometimes it is easier to go off of a base cupcake recipe and tweak it for different flavour additions. For example: Start with a base vanilla cupcake recipe that yields 12 cupcakes, divide the batter up into 4 equal weighted portions. Add in your flavours into the divisions like lemon puree in one, melted chocolate in another, and strawberry paste in another or pistachio paste or pecan and bourbon or......well, you get the picture. 

Hope that makes sense?
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