Freezing avocado

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3 for a dollar is a great deal and some sites say you can freeze for 5 months.

I love buying at good prices and stocking up on produce. One site says puree with a fork, why not use a blender. I will just puree ripe avocados in a blender and put them in med size zip lock bags with little air.

The deal ends tomorrow so if anyone has any input I would appreciate it.

I am real happy with the squash I stocked up on last sale as my recipe for soup is quite enjoyable.

Thanks to all and to all a good eat.
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I purchase avocados when they are cheap, and freeze them for later use in guacamole, or other recipes. In fact, I bought some just Monday for this purpose. If they are the proper ripeness, blending them is simply not necessary, and it's messy. I just put the meat of 2 fruits into a small freezer bag and smoosh them until they are flat and as much air as possible has been pushed out.
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Mine did. I mashed them with a little salt and a lot of lime juice before freezing, and packed them as airtight as possible in plastic bags, but they still darkened.

But so what? They still taste good, and if I add enough chopped cilantro, I still get something greenish. ;)
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If you've extracted all the air (or as much as possible), oxidation will not be a problem. I thaw them in the bag. If there are any little air pockets, the fruit might be a little brown just on the surface of those areas. I stir it in. It disappears, and does not affect the taste.
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I saw frozen guacamole either in Sam's or Costco...not sure which. But they were never giving samples of it when I was there, so I can't say how good it is. I thought it was pricey. Anyway I prefer to use my own recipe.
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The blender sounds like a bad idea to me. If you go this route, please do report back on how it turned out? I would think it would totally ruin the velvety texture of the avocado and give you something almost liquid-ish?
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Very hard to keep color ,>If you souvide them it helps a bit. Commercially some packers treat them with sulphur dioxide. Not the greatest thing in the world to eat.
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Once you make homemade guacamole and have tasted the frozen kind, you'll never go back to the packaged frozen kind. Does not compare to fresh, homemade guac.

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