freezing asparagus

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I was pretty happy with my eggplant and avocado after freezing.  They have a sale on asparagus now.

Any tips on freezing asparagus would be great.  Thanks for all your kindness.
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First, cut off about an inch from the bottom of the spears and then peel them from just below the crowns to the bottom.  Then, blanch the spears for about two minutes; place the cooled spears on a half-sheet in a single-layer.  Freeze the spears.  Use a food vacuum machine (FoodSaver, etc.) and process/seal according to the machine's directions; you can add a bit of S&P, butter/olive oil, and herbs/spices before sealing.  Store these in the freezer until needed.

To serve, you may (1) place the intact packet into a bath of boiling water for about four minutes or (2) make a small slash of a corner of the packet and cook in microwave.

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