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Okay, right now I'm gonna make a big batch of chicken and rice and lentils, fried-baked chicken, and some kefte (sweet meat balls).   but I want to freeze some. do you guys know how long they can safely stay freezed or if they even freeze well at all?

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Safely? They can safely stay frozen two days longer than forever.

There is a difference between safety (which is a health issue) and quality (which is a taste issue) when dealing with home-frozen foods. All foods will suffer a loss of quality. But there are many factors which affect how this happens, not just the length of time they're in the freezer. Included would be:

1. How you cool-down and freezer-prep the food.

2. How it is wrapped.

3. The nature of the freezer (i.e., self-defrosting, zero-degree, etc.)

4. How the food is defrosted.

Generally speaking, I would guess the items you mention can be home-frozen for from 2 to 6 months with little to no loss of quality.

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