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    Did anyone else get an email regarding free pasta from barilla?
    I REALLY want to answer this but I fear it is someone spamming me. BTW they stated they got my info from cheftalk. Below I have copied the email. My flags went up when they said I was an influential member....I don't think I am that influential...LOL

    This is the message:

    Hello! My name is Maria and IÂ’m contacting you as a representative of
    Barilla pasta. Because you are an influential member of Chef Talk,
    youÂ’ve been chosen to try a free sample of the new Barilla PLUS.

    WeÂ’re excited to introduce you to our new pasta line. Barilla PLUS is
    a new more nutritious alternative to traditional pasta. It is made with
    multigrains, is a good source of fiber, protein and heart healthy
    omega-3 ― and it tastes great!

    We are hoping that once youÂ’ve tried your free sample of Barilla PLUS
    Penne youÂ’ll help spread the word about its many nutritional benefits
    and great taste.

    To receive your free Barilla PLUS sample please write me back
    ([email protected]) with your name and address — your information
    will not be shared with anyone.

    We must have your mailing information at least one week prior to the
    ship date. Our first ship date is June 30, 2005.

    A few weeks after you receive your sample of Barilla PLUS Penne, we
    will send you a follow-up email that will include a link to an additional
    Barilla PLUS coupon.

    Thanks for your time. We look forward to hearing from you and hope you
    enjoy Barilla PLUS.

    Barilla PLUS Representative
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    Hey Frizbee and anyone else. I got the same PM and being the suspicious type as well I checked with Barilla. It is in fact legit. Here is the reply I received when I e-mailed the company: So there you have it. Free pasta :chef: