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    ChefTalk!  Nice to be home.  I'm 30yrs old and just had the epiphany that I was in fact born for the kitchen service.  Something about the intensity, adrenaline, communication, and teamwork.  Got a great gig at one of the top 100 hotspots in the USA, the gem of downtown.  I'm still the FNG(****ing new guy) so I'm not quite yet where I'd like to be relationship wise with the cooks one the line, so I figured I'd find some friends here.  I've been in the biz since I was 16, bubble dancer(dishwashers, this is a term of enderment), line cook, kitchen manager, server and not in that order, hell 2 months ago I was washing dishes for a 67 year old woman that barely spoke english.  Yet somehow I got on at one of the premier spots in the heart of the city.......roughly 500-700 covers on any given friday or saturday night, sometimes both.  I've finally found my groove on the line, learning the personalities of my fellow cooks and adapting to the new environment.  They threw me into the fire on a Friday night, no training........"here's your staion, strap on your helmet", and a month later I'm pulling 4 12 hour shifts a week.  I love it.  It's just like my old football glory days, Huddle up, Chef calls the pick, and I head to the line and give it my all to get that food up on time, with the other stations, perfectly plated.  20 second rest, quick sip of water and do it all over again.........all night till we win the game.  Any other guys out there that have this mentallity when at work?  Just looking for some pals to talk shop with and share experience, pratical jokes, lingo or any type of anacdote with.

    Look foward to having fun on here

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    Welcome to CT Nadastar. I think that you'll find someone to play with here, given how large and wide spread it is. I may not be a Pro, but it's a lot of fun and I've learned things that I wouldn't even have thought about in my home kitchen. Jump in anywhere you like, love to see some pix of your work, maybe a few recipes too. If you have any questions, you can PM one of the Mods or Admin people.
    Have a great time, Aloha