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Hey Everyone,

Our platform partners never seem to stop working on making the ChefTalk community better and just applied some great updates. Below is a list of the updates. The big ones are the reply area, the search engine and the subscription system.

  • The WYSIWYG editor is receiving an upgrade!  (The box you type into when you reply).
    • The new version of the WYSIWYG editor is considerably faster and more responsive.
    • The new version of the WYSIWYG editor should fix a bug which caused the reply box to not appear correctly for some users on Firefox (especially older versions of Firefox).
    • The new version of the WYSIWYG editor will also fix a bug which caused new images inserted to appear at the top of the post in Internet Explorer.
  • We're making a bunch of search engine improvements.
    • In 2.9, it will be possible to search within the contents of a single thread.  The new search button appears at the top of every thread.
    • To make it easier to search within a single forum (a function already possible using Advanced Search), we are adding a similar search button at the top of every forum as well.
    • We are improving the relevance of search results.  This includes weighing the post date considerably higher, as well as adding increased significance on the number of replies that a given thread has.
    • We are improving the performance of search to ensure that you get your relevant search results as quickly as possible.
    • We are removing all "spoiler" text from search results.
  • In addition to removing "spoiler" text from search results, we are also removing it from other areas of the platform such as thread previews and the activity feed to ensure that you don't accidentally read about the ending of a movie.
  • 2.9 will feature an overhaul of the subscription system which allows you to monitor threads, wikis, products, tags, and users.
    • The new subscription system will allow you to select on a per-subscription basis whether you want to receive email updates immediately, in a daily digest, or in a weekly digest.
      • For the 2.9 release, the "Subscribe" button on these items will automatically subscribe you with the frequency set as default in your preferences.  You can then go to "Edit Subscriptions" to change the frequencies on an individual basis.  In a future release, you will be able to select the frequency at the same time you make the subscription.
    • For immediate email notification subscriptions, users will only receive a maximum of one email per subscription until they visit the site again.
    • The "Edit Subscriptions" link will be moved to the "My Profile" page where it is easier to find.
  • Users will receive a pop-up notification the first time they visit a page on the site if they have unread PMs waiting in their inboxes.Submit
  • An enhanced "Who's Online" display will be released to show what other users are active on the site.
  • Icons for locked threads, wikis, products, etc. will now display on thread listings and elsewhere within the platform to indicate the locked status of these items.
  • The "Bulletin Board" is now known as "Public Messages" to make the purpose a bit more clear.
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