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I remember reading forum rules and have followed them even when I have something to contribute.

I do respect what I recall having read. (I looked for them and couldn't find them.)

I have seen (by content) violations of these rules, but continued  to follow them. (remember early James Dean scenes "I try to be good...")

Years ago I worked in a kitchen, dishwasher, quickly to progress to prepping food for service [but, stupidly,quit to blow it off, not knowing how the food world would explode to the industry it became]

I request permission to add to these threads based on experience (limited as it is) with life experience  and understanding of life in general.   (I am 61 years old)

Some of the threads in this forum I feel I could have contributed to (constructively) and will absolutely accept and follow contrary opinions thereto.

Thank you for your consideration.


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