Forschner vs. Dexter Russell

Joined Dec 1, 2001
Are these two brands pretty even in terms of price and quality? Does anyone have any preferences?
Joined Sep 21, 2001
I have used my Dexter Russell Green River Works, wood handled 8" French Knife for the last oh, 22 years on almost a daily basis. I love it. I call it my "racing knife". I also have a set of Tridents which I also like, but nothing beats the balance and lightness of my Dexter. If you have a knife in your hand for hours a day, you will know what I mean. Also the handle on the Forchner is a little large for my hand. They are both good. But it just gets down to personal preferences.
Joined Aug 14, 2000
I have a bunch of Forschner knives and I love 'em. Light, sharp and cheap. They fit my hand but may not fit yours. That's the most important thing.

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