Former BBQ U Student - Wood Smoker vs Electric Smoker vs Oven?

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Former BBQ University student here - Class of '09!   First off, let me say that BBQ U was the best class/weekend event I've ever been part of...Great group of people, terrific location and, of course, world class instruction.  I highly recommend it to anyone.

After the class, I bought a large Horizon smoker, which I LOVE.  My only issue is that many times I don't have the necessary time (10-12 hours) to sit and watch the temperature, add coals, etc., so my smoker is often left unused.  To that end I have two questions:

1)  Can one hope to get similar results from an electric smoker?  People seem to love the Cookshack series, but I'm concerned that I'll be giving up some of those crispy, burn ends that I love so much.  How closely can an electric smoker replicate a wood smoker's taste?

2)  If I have to "cheat" using my wood smoker, can I get similar results smoking on the Horizon for 3-4 hours (once the smoking portion is complete) and then putting my pork butt in the oven for the remaining time?  My friends and I have debate this topic for years, the concept being that once the pork has absorbed as much smoke as possible, it's just heat and the oven is the same.  Somehow, I think it's more complicated.

Your thoughts are most appreciated.

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