For Worse or for Better .

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Now that we Americans are at war and our economy changes what affect is this going to have on your food operation ? I work in a healthcare food service operation but living in a resort centered area (Reno Nevada) I am allready seeing the affect of our economy . The Flamingo Hilton closes its doors at the end of this month putting 1000 people out of work . Circus Circus hotel and casino just layed off 40 % of there work force . Down in San Diego California Ive heard the golf courses and hotels are realy hurting because people are not traveling . My job in healthcare
Food Service is secure but what about the rest of the culinary world and how is your biz doing ?
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One can only hope the situation in the industry is short tern at best. All the industry rags are suggesting that operations scale back for the holidays. I don't know, I hesitate to do this out of fear. I personally feel that we will rebound quickly. If these properties cut back, they certainly will get caught with their pants down if there is a quick turn.
Our business is down 20%, and no one is booking weddings. We usually field 17-24 calls a day for consultations. Since the bombing we have droped to 3-5 a day.
We have taken a very active approach and have dropped all deposits( a very big deal when no one knows what the future holds). Advertising has cut it's rates 30-70%. We have taken advantage of this. I don't know. We will see.
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It is unfortunate that our industry (and just about every other industry) is faced with an economic downturn. However, one VERY important thing we must remember - As a country, we have had problems before and we are certain to have problems in the future, however, we must stay our course and ensure our indomitable ability to bounce back lives on. In other words, we'll get through this.
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