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Well the day took an unexpected turn when a bartender called out sick and I stepped in to fill her spot. Conversation time was extremely limited due to the schedule change, BUT I certainly noticed a huge change in attitude. No more open hostility. and even an attempt to appease my suggestions. I am methodically working on Menu updates without sending everyone into a spin with too much changing. He must of spent his weekend thinking. His response to all gentle suggestions was"whatever you want".
Maybe alittle lipservice, but hey, I'll take it. Time will tell.
Do you all think it was his time away to contemplate OR do you all think it was his gift wrapped Ben & Jerry's I left him in as a PEACE OFFERING.
Karma I say. Its the Key....I'm trying and will continue to approach with care and compassion. Along with all the strength l
felt empowered with as a result of reading all of those helpful posts. This is an incredible method of learning. Where else could someone come in contact ,so quickly, with so many in the same field. MANY THANKS . And I will continue to update.
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That's great news, Angelica. May your working relationship continue on that path. Please continue to update us with your progress.

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