For those interested in renting commercial kitchen by the hour

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    I am interested in this as a business and I was wondering what is most important about a kitchen for hire.

    As a jumping off point,

    1) Have you ever rented kitchen space before?

    2) If so, what did you use it for?  Baking?  Catering?  Bottling sauce or jelly?

    3) What cooking appliances would you find absolutely essential to a rented kitchen?

    Thank you so much!
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    1-yes, repeatedly.

    2-catering exclusively. Never thought of renting space for bottling before. Interesting concept.

    3-Dish sink AND hand washing sink, fridge, oven(preferably with convection option. Those are the absolute essentials(i've done decent sized groups with nothing more than what i listed. not fun, but doable).

    What is essential will depend on the quality of chef doing the gig, & number of guests attending. 50 guys for a superbowl party won't need quite the attention a 500ppl wedding with 15 dishes will.

    The more you supply equipmentwise the more attractive your operation will look(&the more you can charge.).

    Do you already have a space for this in mind? It's a really good idea & now i'm thinking.