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Joined Dec 8, 1999
Although I've changed my title back to "cafe moderator", I'm still a cape chef wannabe!! A rather silly statement, when I think about it, because what chef, cook or foodie wouldn't wannabe CC? :D
Joined Nov 19, 1999
And I'll bet there are plenty of people who come here who just as badly want to be like you. We know you're a pro.:) CC is greatly loved, but so are you.
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Greg, I just read this today. I appreciate your thoughtful words, Really I do, But this is a little embarrasing for me. I hope you guys understand.

I can be a pain in the arse, But I am humble.
Greg, There are many many many chefs and foodies on this site that also would deserve to be honored. I'm just here to help and have fun.
Thank you
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Greg with all due respect to my mensch CC, all you need to do to be like him is 1791 more posts!:eek:
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Brad, if you weren't a little embarrassed, I never would have put the "wannabe" thing on in the first place. You have a very good point about there being many, many others here that deserved to be honored. I just wish that there were enough room to fit them under my name!

chrose, I've got a lot to learn before I would have enough knowledge and information to put in those 1791 posts. :D

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