For Natacha and Tambopata and the rest of French Students

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Natacha, is a French student specialised in technical translation.
She needs to create a three (3) languages dictionary, regarding industrial waffles !!!

She needs to know.

Why we use the following two ingredients : -Invert sugar and accidulant.

Then she needs the English definition of the words :

-calcium orthophosphate
- to demold / remove from a mould (only for waffles)

She also want to know how you stuff a waffle.

Natacha. I think that some of your answers are already answered.

For example the last one is answered.

Before you start a new thread, you can send a Private Message to anyone of the Moderators ( you see their names , in the main page, next to every thread)

I suggest that tambopata posts her questions here so as both of you get your answers as soon as possible!
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I love waffles!

I’m not sure if you can stuffed waffles in the classical sense of the French term farcir. But you can mix the “filling" to the dough. Add raspberries or any other berries and fruits, spices, chocolate etc.

As for demouler, for a gaufre, I checked the French version of Le Larousse gastronomique, Larousse de la cuisine and Lenotre's book and les frères Roux. There is no mention of removing the waffle from the gaufrier. I checked a few english cookbooks with waffle recipes with no luck.

In a Canadian book it says: Transfer them to serving plates... Other books will say: cook the batter according to the waffle iron manufacturer's directions. Another recipe in the same book says: bake the waffles.

If I find other information, I'll post it for you.


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As I was putting my books away I thought of looking up gaufrier in Larousse gastronomique, it says:

...Aujourd`hui les gaufriers sont souvent électriques. Munis d'un thermostat, ils sont parfois dotés d'un revêtement anti-adhésif qui évite à avoir graisser les plaques et facilite le démoulage...


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In The Bread Bible by Beth Hensperger, there are a few waffles recipes. About unmoulding she says either:

...Remove from the iron with a fork...


...Remove from the iron with a fork to protect your fingers...

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