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What happened in Chelsea??? All I heard was that there was an explosion and a building just collapsed? What's going on? :confused:
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Missed it earlier, but just heard a report on the radio that it was either under construction or being renovated. So many contractors try to cut corners that people often end up being seriously injured ... :(
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Finally got my TV working. Power went out for a few minutes.

So far the news says that there was construction work going on and that they were inspectors out there on Monday regarding the contractor working without the right permits. There was a Stop Work Order from the building dept. but they continued working anyway. Says paint fumes from the room next door drifted over to where the plumbers were working on the boiler....welding I think. And the sparks ignighted the paint fumes. Kaboom.

32 people injured. 8 critical. Burns, broken bones, somebody had to have a tube put down his throat so they could breathe for him.

Thats all the info I got. Maybe you know something more Suzanne but thats all they are saying over here.

I really agree with you about contractors cutting corners. :mad:


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