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    My name is Barry and I'm doing my first catering event. I'm wondering how much do I charge for a conference of 80 people for a taco and salad bar? Like I said it's my first event so can you give me some pointers please. 
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Barry...Welcome to ChefTalk.

Please understand that you've posted in a the professional catering forum.

You've signed in as a professional but are asking rudimentary questions, that pro would already know.

We'll be happy to help but we'll need more information from you than just a taco and salad bar.

Also know that ChefTalk has an extensive archives in the forums that might answer your questions.

What else are you serving?

What time of day?


Inside? Outside?

Basically this is what you are doing:

You'll need to list every ingredient you buy to make this taco and salad bar happen.

This also includes service ware like plates, plastic utensils and such.

After you total this all up, you decide what your time and effort are worth and add that in too.

Now divide by 80 and that's what you charge.

I know very rudimentary but....good luck
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Hey Berry, welcome to Cheftalk! This could be real easy if you pick the right items for the salad bar. I wouldn't worry to much about the salad bar part. Because of the mess of building your own taco I would set up a station and serve taco truck tacos. Give them a separate plate with two or three small tacos with either beef or chix, onions and cilantro. If your going with a hard shell tacos and leave it to them to build it themselves it's more of a problem. When they walk through the line they would need to take the shells, fill with meat, top with lettuce, chopped tomatoes, chopped onion and shredded cheese. This is a slow process, let us know what you proposed to your client so we could help.......Chef Bill
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