Foods I once hated but now love....


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Katew's thread on cilantro got me thinking about all the foods I grew up hating and now love. A couple that come to mind are:

Mustard and liver.

Any foods you once hated but now enjoy?
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Lima beans. And mom used to make this disgusting soup with tomato and egg. Come to think of it, I STILL hate that one!:lol:
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Beets. Grew up having to eat tasteless boiled-out ones; then had to make roasted beets at work. What a difference!


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That is too funny momo.

I couldn't let this one go, I used to hate the Greek Easter soup Mageritsa (gut soup). It is green and has all sorts of fun stuff in it. Now though I actually enjoy as most of my family does.
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I didn't hate much; I was the kid who'd try anything (as opposed to my siblings; one brother spent years living on noodles and weiners, the other did likewise with grilled cheese sandwiches, and my sister was always "picky").

The few things I can really remember hating: brussels sprouts, kohlrabi, and spinach. I can still live with or without kohlrabi, but the brussels sprouts and spinach -- NOT cooked by my mother, they're wonderful! My mother believes that if "something is cooked it should be COOKED!" That is, grey and limp. She hates all kinds of raw vegetables; the only vegetable salads I EVER ate growing up were marinated tomato, and German cucumber-sour cream. I love salad! I love vegetables! And to think I never knew!

Okay, those weren't the only salads. We also had egg salad and potato salad. I didn't like those, either. Or so I thought.

Actually, what I didn't like -- and still loathe -- was Miracle Whip.

Plus, I didn't discover garlic until my twenties. Garlic makes my mother's stomach disagree with her. Even now, she glares suspiciously at anything I cook for her: "There's garlic in this! Isn't there! I can taste it!"

No, I swear, not a single morsel. Not even a bit of garlic powder. I must admit, though, when I first found the Miracle of Allium sativum, my philosophy was "Why use one clove when ten will do?"
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Beets. Could not stand them, now I love everything about them, even the way they actively try to jump off the fork. :cool:
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broccoli. now that i flavor it with garlic, oil and lemon, and cook it a whole lot less, it tastes way different than that mushy green stuff that mom made. still can't get into the liver though.
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When I was a kid I liked sushi but didn't like wasabi, which was usually spread on in between the fish and the rice. I would ask for "no wasabi". (I'm sure everyone was thinking, Cute; the kid likes raw fish but doesn't like the spicy stuff on it) I don't remember when I crossed over to liking it, but I do now.
I have always liked just about everything though except cilantro as we all know ;)
My mom tells me she used to make homemade mac and cheese but I wouldn't eat it because it was so different from Kraft :rolleyes:

Edit: me, make a typo? Never!
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broccoli and cauliflower

My mother was a great cook but she always put creamed sauce on broccoli and cauliflower.

Now I love them both, just hate cream sauce.

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Ring bologna (grew up in Western PA), and canned peas. Mom used to bake the ring bologna with saurkraut (canned); yeeeck. And canned peas were just gross! The only time I had fresh veg was when I spent the summers on the farm with Grandma and Grandpa.

My early childhood was in the early 50's, when all the 'convenience' foods were hitting the markets, and my mother kept them all in business!
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Western Pa. Shudder! The US culinary wasteland...

My Ex and 2 sons live out south of Pittsburgh, and have been trained to squeeze the death out of their hamburgers with the spatula and eat hotdogs with catsup... I'm gonna hurl...

Does half of every potluck HAVE to consist of rigatoni with marinara sauce?

Steady, steady...
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Fish. Used to think it was all fish, then realized the only fish I'd had was bass and catfish. I am now a huge fan of seafood of all kinds, both for the fun of preparing as well as eating. Simple motto for me is if it didn't come from salt water I'm not messing with it. Crawfish excluded, of course!:D
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I can't really say that there is anything I grew up hating but love today. Pretty much everything I disliked then I still dislike today.
My experience of food growing up in the North East of Scotland in the 50's and 60's was very limited. Most of what we ate was locally produced, not processed and generally quite healthy.
But I didn't know what a sweet pepper was until I came to the US as an adult. I couldn't stand the things. The very smell would make me want to heave. Now I love red and yellow peppers (but I still hate green.)
I used to really hate olives but I'm getting to actually like them now.

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Peas - I'm with Marm on this one. I used to wretch and hide them in my dinner napkin as a child. I can only eat them now if they're super fresh.
Green peppers - only cooked for a long time like in albondigas soup...
As for the rigatoni and marinara - we used to have it for breakfast in the morning cooked into a fritatta -it was one of my favorite things to eat!
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Salmon (the smell used to make me nauseous)
Bell peppers (now I munch on them raw)
Sushi (it was the idea of it and I love it now)
Cream cheese
Hot dogs (wait, I still hate these, but I will eat the vegetarian ones)
Sausage (my uncle was a pig farmer, and knowing where it came from was hard to handle)

And to think I was the least picky one....

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I must be a very greedy person.
Honestly there is nothing I hate since my childhood. With the exception of butter cream but this is not food.
My dad says that when my sister and I were 5 we got ill and when the doctor came gave us some advice: to listen to our father of course.
Melina asked the doctor if she could have some chocolate. Normal kid.
I asked if it was ok to have some kokoretsi :lol:
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I hated mustard and bananas. I have learned to like both.
I still don't like individual peas, but I love fresh pea pods.
Oatmeal. I LOVE it now that I make it from scratch.
I really like saurkraut now too.
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Boy I'm scratching my head on this one! I'm kind of on-line with Jock on this one. But if pressed I could only come up with Yogurt and Salmon. Other than that what I didn't like, I still don't like, etc!

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