Food you haven't tried?

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I've always wanted to try menudo, the Mexican stew with tripe. I've had foie gras, truffles, sweetbreads, soft shell crab. Love 'em all. No monkey brains, though...
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One meat that seems to be OK in France that I haven't had the opportunity to try is - horse. The other meat that I've heard great praise for is - moose.

Soft-shell crabs are great - when they are prepared right.
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vanity? Interesting. I will always be open to taste new and old wines. I as well have had every first growth a number of times and every super second as well. I have enjoyed the finest wines of italy,spain and the usa and all of europe and latin america, and I love the ability to taste the efforts of the men and women who bring these wonderful wines to our table.It is not bragging rights it's about the joy. I also feel that Foie Gras to many are easy to prepare, like anything after you have done it or learned from a pro or read it in a book any thing becomes less intimadating. Don't forget to remove the blood lines from your liver and buy a vacum packer
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Well I must say I have tried virtually everything. So a few comments.
Poulane bread is way overrated. It is available in NYC but we get bread as good and better from local bakeries.
Nothing is easier to cook than foie gras either as a terrine or sauté. If you buy a whole one, cut it into 1/2" slices, vacuum pack them individually and freeze. It will last a long time. Sear a slice before it is totally defrosted and serve with a fruit sauce - heaven!
One has to be very careful with truffles. Never buy one without sniffing. I have had truffles that make me swoon and others that have no aroma whatsoever.
I find it difficult to believe that anyone in the 'food world' would be afraid to eat a soft shell crab but I always clean them myself immediately before putting them in the pan so as not to lose the juices.
Bottarga can sometimes taste very fishy but I had some in Spain that was wonderful.
Yes there are a few wines on my list that I have never tried but once you have tasted a few truly great wines adding to the list is merely a matter of vanity!
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Ihave tried most of the above [except the monkey brains] but one food that does interest me is cactus..havent found it here in OZ yet.I am also a chilli fan so perhaps some more varieties.
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Fresh cactus Pads (?) are ok...lemony green beany flavor...I would assume like anything else canned is vary different from fresh.
I just sauted mine in a little oil.
Got el Ray, Shraffenburger (nibs!!!!!) and choc in New Orleans at Wild Oats go figure.

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