Food Words and Expressions I Don't Like Because I'm Old and Cranky

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Let me just get the ball rolling with two which I dislike for the same reason:

(1) Veggie

(2) Yummy

Maybe it's my inner (and/or outer) aging curmodgeon, but I am not a child and you are not my mommy. 

Phrases and Cliches:

Here are three, just for starters:

(1) A little...

You hear this on TV cooking shows.  "A little" has become the food equivalent of the teenager's "like."  If asked what's in your pesto just say "basil, salt, olive oil, parmesan, pine nuts and garlic."  You don't have to be all like "a little basil," and "a little garlic."  It's awkward, hackneyed, and has become meaningless.  

(2) ...meltingly tender

Food reviewers killed this one.  Makes me homicidal. 

(3) Adds (or just for, or...) ...a little crunch

I'm not sure which Food Network personality is the biggest offender -- not only with "crunch" but in combination with "a little."  It's either Michael Symon or Sandra Lee.  It further irritates me to use their names in the same sentence.   

And you?  Which shibboleths get your teeth grating?

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I like the word vegie.

I used to be bothered by the word "with" in menu/dish names. I've gotten over this one mostly. It's too much like a run-on sentence and muddles up the description with what should be the focus of the item.   Give me some verbs. Accented, glazed, accompanied, paired.    With is too much like costar billing.
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"Melts in your mouth" when talking about meat. Meat doesn't melt. An adjective with every noun in a description on a menu; for example: "Beautiful seared scallops with creamy polenta, earthy mushrooms, topped with a decadent bearnaise sauce". Speaking of which, I hate the word "decadent". I don't like when things include a "touch" of anything, or if they are "kissed" with anything.
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According to Merriam Webster - crunk: : a style of Southern rap music featuring repetitive chants and rapid dance rhythms

(private user)

"Your ah...a bit moody, and difficult to work with"

"Your food cost at 47%, You have to go through the walk in and look at everything, use what is old 1st."

  "they are outside smoking, (food under heat lamps) pick up table 64 first."
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one truly annoying thing  and i'm neither old or cranky, is when a restaurant states on the menu, they have the 'BEST' whatever....burger, green chile chowder, pizza,water, etc...isn't that for me to decide?...whose 'BEST, theirs? the guy down the street? what if i don't agree..then their promise just becomes another lie ...think i'd rather pay my money and take my own chances from my choices instead of being disappointed and having a negative experience instead of a positive one... plus i never believe them anyway so most probably wouldn't even go in, and if i did, certainly would not trust them, so what's the point...does this make me sound old and cranky? nope...just not a stooge...yeah, i agree with all that posted about how something should taste....give me the ingredients and tell me how its prepared...i can figure it out from there...please don't tell me its going to melt in my mouth.....please!


 hi all from the end of the world, but sunny arizona.....knew something was up when a highway road service sign( you know the blue ones that have icons for gas, food, lodging etc, read...NO SERVICES)....oh yeah, we're talking real boonies here....but good...gotta love it!
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 When they say "homemade" on the menu and the item clearly tastes like it came out of a box, bag or can.
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From Anne Burrell (I like her show, just some of her phrases kill me):

"doing great things"

"btb/rts - bring to boil, reduce to simmer"

"happy girl"

And from Paula Deen and The Neeley's..:

"y'all" in that southern drawl.  It gets old quickly. 
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I hate it when...  The waitress approaches the table and in a very concerned tone tells me - "Be sure to let me know if you need anything".  

That's code for: I'll be wondering around elsewhere; come find me because I won't be back this way anytime soon....

After a long wait, I have actually "wondered" into the kitchen and caught her flirting, and told her that I wanted some butter.  No tip that day. 
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That dope on The Neeleys is copying Paula Deen by addressing the audience as "Yawl".  I despise P. Deens exaggerated country, and really can't abide that Neeley man lying to us constantly.  I caught him in three lies in one episode about BBQ.  I know BBQ.  He doesn't.  I also know his father Jim Neeley (a gentleman) of INTERSTATE BBQ fame in Memphis.  He (Jim and his wife) should get credit for good BBQ.  Not Pat.  He is an abortion.

Or should have been....
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I think it was Concord or another; not Merriam-Webster that added it as a word to their dictionary.
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