food with soul?

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Happy New Year, fellow cooks!
Here's a question...say the morning cook comes in and preps the mise for a dish. S/he really loves to cook, and therefore infuses the food with soul and love. Then, say the night cook comes in to finish the dish. S/he is just a "technician" and is doing this just for the money and doesn't really care about food. S/he just flips the food onto a plate and moves on to the next tag.
Does the food still have soul? What do you think? I've been thinking about this and can't some up with a firm answer.:chef:
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As Socrates taught us the soul is immortal, no need to fear for your lovingly prepared food.
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We've been down this road before... we cook because we have a passion. Passion = soul. No passion = no soul. Right?
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So the passion of the first cook is completely lost, wasted?

Does one weak link a kitchen ruin?
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If a tree falls in the forest....? :confused: A very philosophical question.

I don't believe his/her efforts were wasted. If s/he is truly passionate about his/her work, s/he'd do it for its own sake even if somebody else(tragically, IMHO) didn't follow through. However, I'd worry that the kitchen would lose him/her in the end, because eventually s/he'd be disheartened and move on. Or worse yet, be sucked into the soulless mindset.
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:chef: Mais oui my fellow chefs,

of course if the last hand to touch the dish falters, the customer will not be happy.

We are only being philisophical, non?

This only emphasizes the need to replace the anchor in the relay;
if the first cook didn't put any "soul" into the food, there would no longer be a need to get rid of the anchor.;)
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Soul food.

Chicken livers from Estelle's in the South End of Boston in the sixties. Never had anything closer than that.
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Replace the anchor in the relay , I love it . Never let anyone compromise your own actions . Hold your standards high and let them rise to meet you . If they fail to rise then its time to replace the anchor .
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Chez Helene in 1970's in New Orleans....that was FINE soul food.
I think Ugelisch still has soul....
I went to a German butcher shop yesterday and had liverwurst to DIE for, almost literally with the fat content....Any artisinal product is soulful.IMHO>
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:rolleyes: iif you show soul in your food.i try to pass my idea's it make' s me feel i whant to get the best out of my chef's old school dieing breed
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