Food tv VS Cooking tv

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I really like to unwind by watching Food TV, but HATE cooking shows. Anything with instructions is a "cooking show".

Kinda done Bourdain, so whats next ?
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Every once in a while I'll catch an inde on the Japan channel. The rest is garbage. Can't stand the lack of sanitation, hair flying all over, food left out, no hand washing, just gross. Worst of all is the really poor accents.


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I guess that I'm just the opposite.  I wish they would have more of that kind of show (with good hosts!).  I am so over shows like "Diners, Drive-Ins & Dives" "Unwrapped" and all the reality cooking shows (Chopped, Cutthroat Kitchen, America's Worst Cook).  Bring back shows with quality hosts, cooking quality food i. e. The Frugal Gourmet, and even Good Eats.

There are a few of the "compliation" shows that I do like such as "Eat the Street" and a few others but most of it is just crap.

As for Bourdain, I love his shows.  He's irreverent, more than a little risque, at times, but also has some really deep insights and social commentary that go well above and beyond the superficial stuff brought to you by most of the FTV hosts.
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They all bore me to death and have for a few years. I only enjoy Beat Bobby Flay because he's so fun to watch turn into a complete prick when he loses. Plus I bet with myself on whether he'll throw the pepper grinder to the floor in the last second. That really bugs me.

But if reruns of Pepin or Madeline Kaman or Julia are on Tv I'll gladly watch.
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My bad, thought we were talking Food Network. I think Bourdain is right were he should be.CNN I watch him, although his newest shows are more like a documentary. Oh, I enjoy Mo Rocca, just for having no knowledge of food at all. Wish they had a channel for the oldies.

Forget the name of the old cajun guy, and I used to drink and watch the 2 fat ladies.
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Justin Wilson was a hoot indeed, but mostly a poseur.  His fractured English belied his advanced degrees in Industrial Engineering; he worked as a Safety Engineer in northern industries during WW II. His reputation as a humorist was  based on telling "Polish jokes" but with Cajuns as the nitwit foils of the stories instead of Polakis.

The Cajuns hated that, especially as he was only half Cajun- one parent was Cajun, the other wasn't. They vehemently felt he wasn't entitled to poke fun at a group he wasn't really a full member of. He was roundly despised in that community.

I found some of his cooking inspirational, but eventually the cornpone accent and fractured language wore out his welcome with me.  I do miss the old screwball, though.  /img/vbsmilies/smilies/thumb.gif

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To this day, I still remember an episode where he made potato salad without potatoes. As he was demonstrating the recipe, he related the origin behind the dish. One day he had some unexpected company. Wanting  to be a gracious host, he decided to make a little something for his guests to nibble on. Unfortunately he discovered that he had a pretty bare pantry, but with what he had on hand he came up with the idea of subbing saltine crackers in the place of potatoes in the salad. On yeah, a hoot for sure, I guarantee. As he was mixing the salad with his hands, he said "It tastes more better when it gets on your elbow."
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Thanks for all those great replies !

Been checking out some Keith Floyd as well, what a guy.

Really like the old Marco Cooks .... shows. man or beast ? doesn't matter because he was a shear force of nature behind the stove.

Good Eats was a great show. The Cook and The Chef is a great Australian show even though its really a "cooking show".

I keep deferring to Bourdain. Smart guy, knows the score and can write an interesting show.

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