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I am not a professional chef, but a friend of mine and I would like to start a food truck with some deserts.  The question is, how long would they keep and what is the best way to keep them?  Assume  I know nothing about professional cooking please.  Here are the recipes.

Also, since this is a food truck, where could they be cooked?
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yes, I have been a professional cook before.  I guess I should update my information.  I am just a  student now.

Here are some other deserts we are considering.... we would just cook one desert a day. i think. this is a point i am unsure about and would like advice on.

Malakoff torte (I can post my dads recipe later, it is an austrian pastry: rum soaked lady fingers layered with an almond flour and buttercream filling)
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First off, a Food Truck is a business so you will have to start with a business plan. This will answer all the who, what, when, where, why and how questions that can then focus you on the particulars as to where you need to start. It is a very expensive endeavour so bear that in mind as not only do you have to afford the food truck, mechanics, commercial kitchen to lease, and insurance for all of these entities. There is also then food and labour costs, logistics, equipment costs, etc that you have to factor in. So just saying you want to open a food truck business and actually doing it proper with all money, licences and business plan in tact is a completely different story. Also, not having a clue about how to bake properly (as in trained in or at least have more than a few years under your belt as a baker/pastry cook) and trying to go into a dessert food truck business is a bit short-sighted however I will not tell you that it is impossible as it is not. 

So you will need:

1) A food truck either newly built or a used one that you can retrofit for your needs

2) A commercial kitchen to be able to bake in that is certified by a health board

3) A business plan that includes your financial projections as well as your menu

4) A vision of what you are wanting to do

5) A good name for your business, branding, labelling, packaging, constant social media presence, marketing, etc

There is more than this but this will get you started and thinking about the business side of things rather than have your mind sole on the creative desserts you WANT to try out.

I would also suggest that you take the time with your friend there, rent a commercial kitchen and take your goods that you want to bake to a farmers market first so that you can experiment and try out your recipes to see what the reception would be. Take your time. Success comes to those who take their time and PLAN!!
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I have a clue how to bake as I have been around home baking my entire life and have done it myself for friends and family frequently, but I do not know how I stack up in a professional kitchen.  I have baked before professionally, but not massive scale, not anything fancy.  I have cooked fancier things for myself, my friends, and my family.  Basically I know how to cook the things I described in the recipe links.

I do not know if I could cook them efficiently enough to make a profit.

I plan on doing savory items too.

here is the full thread describing all the items, i just wanted some help with the baking stuff to see if it was a good idea. we are in it for the long haul. just two dudes that love cooking caribbean and international food.
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