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Currently I am a server at a rest. that has been around since the 50's.  Alot of patrons and busy most of the time.  I've read that just working in this environment is good experience if you are looking to open your own place which I am.....a cafe but choosing to start with a food trailer.

I am Italian/Sicilian and have been cooking my family recipes for years and I love it.  My family and friends love it as well and i love cooking for people.  I'm not sure how to start though and what kind of finances I need to have for this.  Am I on the right track? or is this a bum idea and just keep it as a friends and family thing??
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How much money do you have to risk or loose?

Have you ever cooked in a real kitchen?

There is a big difference between cooking for your friends and them all telling you how great your food is, and cooking and asking people to pay for what you making.

Do you make something that is better than the other guy, or is not available in your area?

Are you in a food truck friendly area? Who's your competition? Who's your target audience?

Where will you set up? in one spot, move around, festivals and special events?

Do you know what your local health dept requirements are? Do you know what a commissary is? or if there is one to rent space from at an affordable price?

Do you want a $10,000 kitchen or a $200,000 kitchen? Truck or trailer? who is going to drive it? Can you back a trailer into a tight spot? Do you have an appropriate tow vehicle?

Just a few things to think about,,,,,,there's lots more.
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I love your posts on the food truck questions chefbubba. I swear some pep just ask questions without thinking of any of the answers for them selves but you have away of pointing out the obvious with out saying duh.
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