Food to Sell to Prep School Kids

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I recently bought a sandwich shop in the northeast. We make paninis, soups, prepared foods and salads. We also retail juices, sodas, chips, and candy. There is a fancy prep school a couple of blocks away. The teenagers barely touch the chips and candy. What do you all think should carry or cook for them?
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I suspect they are more health and socially conscious these days. Yogurt bars, veggie sticks, any other healthy "snack" type foods might go over better. Gluten free, vegetarian, vegan, socially conscious products and companies are all possible options. It may be more the type of chips and snacks you are selling.
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Wholesome, whole grain sub rolls, with appropriate deli meats, an olive bar, and fresh cut veggies for sandwiches. Evoo for a dressing. You might even grill the sub buns with olive oil brushed on, the rubbed with raw garlic. Wraps are often perceived to be healthier than bread, though they actually contain more carbs than bread.

Other offerings could include good cheese slices, humus, guacamole, dressed with a little hot sauce, and lime juice. Bean sprouts are good on sandwiches. For pre-made sandwiches, you could go with pita pockets filled with diced tomato, avocado, bean sprouts, and medium rare roast beef, real roast beef, not the deli kind, and the slices must be thin. You can offer pre-made sandwiches, or let your customers choose their sandwich fillings, charging for each ingredient, like is done with pizza. Rather than soda, or juice, fruit nectars, dark chocolate, mineral water, veggie juice, these are all good. Clam shells of cold fruit for deserts, and snacks. These can include berries, pineapple, melon pineapple chunks, apple and orange/tangerine slices, etc. Give them things out of the ordinary.

Hope there are some useful ideas.

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I think they are looking for the most bang for their buck. They don't have much money to spend and they will find the cheapest and most filling foods. I see High School kids leaving the School and go to local grocery stores and get slices of pizza. They also go to C-Stores and get the fast-food Pizzaz pockets, hot dogs, burritos and so on. I would look for something that allows them to stay under $5 for an Entry and a drink. I don't think the problem is that they are health conscience. I feel it's a matter of not having enough money for everything.......

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