Food sticking to my knife.

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Hi All,
I have a Fujiwara Nashiji gyuto which out of the box was really sharp and no food would stick to the blade. I have just sharpened it and it is now crazy sharp, but potatos now stick to the blade.

What have I done wrong, any advice or thoughts welcome!

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Unless you thinned it, geometry change is not the reason. And if you scratched up the sides accidentally while sharpening I think that might even help make them not stick.

My best guess is that out of the box there is a primary bevel and a relief bevel. Like having 'shoulders' behind the edge that knock the food off a bit. If you sharpened only the cutting bevel at a low enough angle maybe you wiped out the one behind it and now food sticks more.

A lot of this is technique too. Try cutting your potatoes with a pull cut and see if they still stick. It's a common problem on thin knives. One of the tradeoffs between cutting performance and food sticking.

Also keep in mind you might be seeing a difference between newer (wetter) potatoes and older dryer potatoes, or even density like with denser sweet potatoes etc.


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This is common to all chefs knives really. I heard one instructor say that it's not a problem because it helps you size your next cut automatically. That cut would clear the blade for the next layer to stick. And he's not wrong, it's just a different way of looking at the issue.

The more liquid released in the cut, so potatoes, cucumbers and so on, and the thinner and smaller the cut the more you see the sticking. With cuts with more turns involved, say as with a paring knife, you don't see it as much because the surface doesn't stay flat to create that sticktion.

In one of his television episodes Martin Yan was thinly slicing pork. He'd say "Chop, put. Chop, put." On the put stroke he wiped the blade against the cut pile of meat so the fresh slice would adhere to the pile.

It's just part of the prep experience. Don't let it throw you off kilter. Or on the tilt as they'd say in poker.
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Yes knife geometry can effect food sticking to blade, but it is also what you are cutting. I was cutting potatoes, the ones from first bag never stuck. opened a new bag, almost every piece stuck. same knife, same cutting board, same knife stroke. as Phatch said, just part of prep.

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