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Right now on the radio is "Peel Me A Grape," a song that Blossom Dearie made famous (yes, that's her real name!). What are some other "food songs" you can think of? My list, mostly from jazz, and some old R&R, includes:
When My Baby Fixes Eggplant
C'mon 'a' My house (Rosemary ;) Clooney)
almost anything by Slim Galliard, such as "Dunkin' Bagel"
Sweet Kentucky Ham (Dave Frishberg)
Saturday Night Fish Fry (Louis Jordan?)
A Rose and a Baby Ruth
Gimme a Pigfoot and a Bottle of Beer
We Saved the Bones for Henry Jones, 'cause Henry don't eat no Meat.

What others can people think of? (Titles only) Any language is okay, but please provide translation into English for those who are not multi-lingual.

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Food Glorious food

Maximim consuption
The Kinks

Howard Johnson got his Mojo working

Alices Restaurant
Arlo Guthrie

Scenes from an Italian restaurant
Billy Joel

T.V. dinners
ZZ Top

Sweet potato pie
James Taylor
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How about Sweeney Todd singing the song about the meat pies..."Try a piece of priest, only fat where it sat. Trouble is, you can only get it on Sundays. The clergy is really too coarse and too mealy."
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"Let's call the whole thing off" - Cole Porter ------you know, that's the 'you say
toe-mae-to, and I say to-mah-to' song!

"The Good Ship Lollipop"

Red, red wine---------oops, sorry, you said food.
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Um, TheBigHat, maybe we'd better leave Sweeney Todd out of this ("Them pussycats is quick.). A little to risky/risque for some folks here. What about a song from another Sondheim, "Into the Woods" -- anything there?

Another Slim Galliard: "Everybody Eats When They Come to My House" (Have a tomato, Plato; have a banana, Anna; have some baloney, Monie ... everybody eats when they come to my house)
And there's a bossa nova, "O Pato" ("The Duck"). Thank you, PDE, my SO. :lips:
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I know you said titles only, but I can't resist Mrs. Lovett's Meat Pies - Best Pies in London they are ;)

"Guess what this is!"
"It's Piccolo player!"
"How can you tell?"
"It's piping hot!"

Other ideas:

Not a song, but the title of a great album (remember when they were called albums?) "Goat's Head Soup" by the Rolling Stones

"The Lord Bless Charlie Mopps" -Do drinking songs count?

"Slow Food" (No really, it's true) by Greg Brown

And to see a whole mess of titles, go here



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"If I knew you coming I'd have baked a cake....." sorry, cant remember the title.

"Margaritaville" :D

"Lemon Tree" for all you folk music lovers out there

"Yes, we have no Bananas" :p :p

"Tequila" :bounce:
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"Banana Split for my Baby, and a Glass o' Plain Water for Me."

Louis Prima again

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Junior Brown Catfish And Collard Greens

Junior Brown Coconut Island

Led Zeppelin Tangerine

Little Feat Dixie Chicken & Tripe Face Boogie

Segura brothers "A Mosquito Ate Up My Sweetheart"

Herb Alpert Whipped Cream & Taste of Honey

George Clinton Do Fries Go With That Shake?

James Brown Mother Popcorn

Jay and The Techniques Apples, Peaches, Pumpkin Pie

Strawberry Alarm Clock "Incense n' Peppermints"

Frasier (Kelsey Grammer) "Tossed Salads and Scrambled Eggs"

Dana Carvey Choppin' Broccoli

By the way Bighat, it's "Savoy Truffle" by George Harrison and it's about candy not cake:D )
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"On top of spaghetti...."

From Rent (broadway musical) the song La Vie Boheme:

Waiter: "... So that's four miso soup, four seaweed salad,
two tofu dog platters, and one pasta with meatless balls..."
Maureen: "Ugh"
Tom: "It tastes the same"
Maureen: "If you close your eyes"
Waiter: "And thirteen orders of fries, is that it here?"
All: Wine and beer!!

Scarborough Fair (Simon and Garfunkel) "Parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme"

"Carrot stew, carrot stew, it's our favorite thing to do... " (from some Disney singalong tape my little sis had)

I'm sure there are more!!

What about groups like

The Cranberries
Salt n'Peppa
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Louis Prima rocks hard big time!!!

'And I'll join in matrimony with the girl who serves spumoni and Angelina will be mine!' - the BEST!
What about 'Closest to the bone -sweeter is the meat- last slice of Virginia ham is the best that you can eat'? Did you know most of Prima's stuff was recorded live at the Sands in Vegas at about 4am?

Louis Jordan - 'Beans and Cornbread'

Jambalaya (on the Bayou) Professor Longhair

Monkeyman- Stones - not a true food song but my two favorite food lines-
'I'm a cold Italian pizza -I could use a lemon squeezer-don't you-
I'm a sack of broken eggs I always have an unmade bed-love to play the blues! ( at times this has acurately described my life!) :D
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I eat antipasta twice
just because she is so nice
the waitress at the pizzeria

I eat zoop-ing minestrone
just to be with her alone
the waitress at the pizzeria

Ti vol-glio be-ne
Angelina I adore you
E vol-glio be-ne
Angelina I live for you

E un pas-sio-ne
You have set my heart on fire

But Angelina
never listens to my song

I eat antipasta twice
just because she is so nice
waitress at the pizzeria

If she'll be a my My Car-ra mi-a
then I'll join in matrimony
with a girl who serves spumoni
and Angelina will be mine


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What's Frim Fram Sauce, oss-en-fay, and sha fafa?
A song by Nat King Cole, also redone by Diana Krall.

I don't want french fried potatoes,
red ripe tomatoes,I'm never satisfied
I want the frim fram sauce with oss-en-fay
with sha fafa on the side

I don't want pork chops and bacon
That won't awaken, my appetite inside
I want the frim fram sauce with oss-en-fay with sha fafa on the side

Well you know a girl She really got to eat
And a girl she should eat right
Five will get you ten I'm going to feed myself right tonight

I don't want fish cakes and rye bread
You heard what I said
Waiter please, I want mine fried
I want the frim fram sauce with oss-en-fay
with sha fafa on the side
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