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    Got a call from Shop Rite asking me to interview for food service manager position. I'm going to do the interview but wondered if any one has any inside info. Good job/bad job? Good company/bad company? I'm thrilled to have the interview but my instincts are telling me to ask for some advice. Interview is on Friday morning. 

    Thanks in advance for any help. 
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    Shoprite I believe is a division of Wakefern foods out of Jersey. Normally job is more toward saving money and showcase and  display presentation. Sometime you cook, sometime you clean. You do everything that the manaqger of the store wants done. It is not that hard of a job, but a load of hours.
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    I'm not familiar with the company outside of shopping there, but have worked for 3 'upscale food markets' on all sorts of levels concentrating on food service. I believe the operations are similar, so I offer you the following:

    There will be a huge focus on driving sales, labor management, and customer service. Almost to the point of sacrificing food quality, being short-staffed, and the customer always being right no matter the circumstances.

    Even if you are head of your department, you have a lot of superiors to answer to/satisfy. Store managers, general managers, regional managers, corporate, etc. From my own experience it wouldn't of been so bad if everyone was actually on the same page, and didn't tell you how to do the same thing in so many different ways.

    You are prepping food in massive bulk quantities, you have a display case to maintain (in some scenarios also a salad bar, hot bar, deli, sandwiches, pizza, grill, and pre-pack items), you will be dealing with a high-volume of perishables and supplies, and you will get a visit from some sort of inspector very often.

    My own personal experience I very much enjoyed working for one company, the other two not so much... so take these words with a grain of salt. I would recommend asking to see their kitchen if you choose to interview; this will give you a good idea of what you're dealing with in a matter of seconds. Either way good luck to ya!
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