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Hey everyone!

I'm a journalist here in Toronto for the Toronto Observer. I'm working on a piece about food sculpting and was wondering if anyone on here has any feedback they could give me that I can use in my story. I'm just trying to get some opinions about it (and by food sculpting I mean with chocolate, cheese and margarine. I'm also talking about food carving of fruits and vegetables).

If there is anyone who has done this before, teaches it, or knows anything about it I would love to hear what you have to say!!!

Thanks a lot, and for those who's posts I want to use, I'll Private Messege you for the proper spelling of your name, and to confirm that I can use you in my story.

Thanks a lot guys! :chef:


Andrea Jack
Toronto Observer
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Well I supposed everyone knows that I have received my AARP card but most of out sculpting was in tallow. I prefered the Australian Tallow
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Well Andrea, I have "certificates" in basic and advanced Chocolate work as well as in Sugar Sculptures though it's been awhile since I was active....what kind of "opinions" are you looking for?
Odd timing as I had a dream last night that I sculpted a 2 headed elephant for Ewald Notter last night :eek: my wife was complaining or commenting about my making little (big?) elephant poopies with it :rolleyes: anyone care to analyze :D
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