Food Sample for 2,000

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:chef:My church has asked me to come up with something for our county's annual 'taste of' to be held in April. The samples should feed up to 2,000 people and be something unique and memorable. The event is scheduled to be held at our local shopping mall so cooking is somewhat restricted. Any suggestions would be most welcome.
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Aren't "taste of X's" supposed to represent what's normally found in the venue? So, unless your church normally sponsors meals of some kind, why are they involved? And if they do sponsor regular meals, shouldn't the "taste of" be representative of what's available then?
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Do you have certain ingredients to avoid? I would suggest you prepare something thats easily available, something tasty, and something affordable to be able to feed all those 2000 people you are expecting. keep posted I'll try and post some recipes that may help you.
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Is there any particular type of food that is very popular in your area? If cooking facilities are limited, you may want to considered something chilled. Make it prior to getting to the venue and take it in chiller boxes.

A bit more info would be good :)
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