Food Safety Sanitation Cross Contamination and Temp Danger Zone

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    I work in a kitchen, day shift night shift, mid shift, whatever they decide to schedule me from week to week, whereas everyone else in the kitchen has a steady schedule, BS I know, anyways this has allowed me to see everything in the kitchen from how each shift puts out the food. Night and day literally speaking. This is a place that preaches food safety and food temp control, but there is HARDLY any of that. For one, Ive watched employees walk around getting required temperatures on a PDA device, and they are talking hot temps, they will go to the steamer in the back and put the probe on the edge and get their required temperatures, and on the cold side I've watched them instead of taking temps on the line they go in the cooler where they are guaranteed temps to speed up the process. Most I've watched do a 1/2 and 1/2, some real temps then some bogus, which means we are serving potentially BAD food to customers.

    I have watched someone put on food handlers gloves, make a Caesar Salad using their hand to mix in a bowl, then grab toasted bread make a turkey sandwich, grab a chocolate cake and put in on a plate, then change gloves, I also get to witness someone who has worn powdered gloves, once removed, touching all kinds to RTE foods before re-gloving. C'mon man it only takes a second! Some people have no care left in them, and should be removed from handling food for others to eat. Where I work, your a number in a spot, and you better put out the right food in a timely manner. It makes me nauseous at work watching how others handle food going out the door, when its so simple, and not at all time consuming to properly handle foods, and cut every corner in the book once the Chef steps out.

    So this would really upset the head chef if he knew what went on, I mean really went on in his kitchen and how the employees mishandle food, it would be an ugly day to work. So if I bring this up the head Chef, I am labeled a whiny little bitch, and loose any help I may have gotten while busy in the past.
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    Welcome to Chef Talk.

    Welcome also to the reality of the kitchen world.

    Your eyes are open. Good for you.

    Welcome to the world of latex gloves.

    We have spoken of them here ad nauseum.

    People don't understand how to use them.

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    Latex is an allergen. Wash your hands.
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    If it was any other topic I would advise to just leave it..... they will eventually have enough rope to hang themselves.
    You are in a tight spot.
    Can you slide a note under Chef's door?
    Send a snail mail to corporate?