Food safety issue: rice noodles?

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If anyone likes to cook or eat Asian cuisines, I'm sure you've come across some sort of rice noodle dish or rice noodle soup.  It has come to my attention from the my all of my Chinese coworkers that many rice noodle makers use some sort of aluminum powder in order to make the noodles.  Aluminum has been correlated with breast cancer, parkinson's, and alzheimer's.  Is aluminum use in the production of rice noodles a true story, or do my coworkers have no idea what they are talking about?
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I know that "aluminum powder" is not listed as an ingredient ;)

I searched to see about anything the FDA may have reported regarding "rice noodles"  .. seems we have more to worry about with "filth" from rats, poop, and insects than aluminum powder. Besides, aluminum is fairly valuable, I'm not sure why it would be added into a food product that sells for seemingly such little profit.
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Label does not state it. Aluminum oxide(powder) is used in the drug industry, and is sometime stated to be an effective cure for some types of stomach ulcers, at least this is what I read. Maybe thats why Chinese don't have ulcers as frequent as we do.?
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There is no association between dietary aluminum in trace amounts as from baking powder and/or aluminum cookware and Alzheimer's.  That has been thoroughly debunked by legitimate studies. 

One of the reasons I so distrust the "alternative health" industry, especially internet charlatans is that this myth persists.  You have to get over the idea that science is out to hoax you by hiding the "true" facts about health and nutrition.  There are a lot of slime balls in the food and nutrition chains, but conventional medical science isn't one of them.   

Aluminum compounds are in such commonly used products as antacids and double acting baking powder.  Rice noodles -- I've got no idea what you're talking about.  I buy a lot of Amercian made rice noodles, and it is certainly not on the label.

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Mr. Critlical 647    ....  Please refer me to any recognized  medical article that states this.  Thanks
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