Food related TV shows that can be watched online?

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  BBC or ITV  players etc are not available outside UK.  And outside UK and Ireland 4 OD doesn't work (I know this because I am a Come Dine with me addict- I couldn't get it in France and had to content myself with Diner Presque Parfait - the French version- just wasn't the same, sigh)
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BBCi player

Channel 4 On Demand

... to name a few surces
Thanks for replying... I wasn't looking for sources so much as I was looking for links to shows - or at least show ideas with the source so I can look for it. I wouldn't know what to look for on YouTube. Since I don't have cable, I don't really know what's on.
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A great old BBC comedy i used to catch when I was a kid was called "Chef!". I recently remembered it and want to look it up again, let you know if I find anything. I'll be checking bittorrent searches.


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I loved Chef so much I went and bought the series.  Too bad it was so short lived.
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There are quite a few cooking show episodes on Youtube.  Mchan2048 has uploaded a bunch of Iron Chef America.  Someone7100 has uploaded some good stuff as well, archo89 lots of original Iron Chefs from Japan.  Top Chefs season 6 is there on Youtube in its entirety, as well as the Top Chef Masters season.  Lots of Good Eats episodes from over the years.  I'm not going to type in all the links for all the shows I've watched on Youtube, sorry.

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Thanks a lot guys. Thanks teamfat, that's good info - and no, I wasn't expecting you to type all the links. It's already a lot of info to have the name of the uploader!
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