Food on the Radio

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My new toy is a cable modem! Civilization arrived to Athens!

I profit from the high speed of my connection by listening to foreign radio stations.( difficult to get over my bad habits ;) )

Last Sunday I heard to Channel 4 of BBC Radio a program about Food so this makes me think.

Do you know any other Food-programs that broadcast on line?

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I don't know if it's broadcast on line, but Minnesota Public Radio has "The Splendid Table". It's carried on various National Public Radio affiliates. I enjoy that when I can listen to it. Here's the site:

My classroom is in the middle of a steel-framed school, so I can't get good radio reception. I do enjoy getting streaming audio during my preparation/work times. Mostly, I'm an NPR junkie.
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Well. me and my crazy ideas, one time, I thought it would be cool to run a cooking show on the college radio station, something where a recipe could be prepared while describing what was happening, but people I talked to thought I was, well, just crazy.
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Granted, the listeners would have to be people who can read or hear recipes, yet be able to taste the product without even the ingredients being in the room! That is a true niche audience.
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