Food Issues/Allergies

Joined Jan 15, 2010
The older we, and our friends get, we find that there are several that have either food issues (food they just dont like) or are allergic to. Trying to plan for a dinner party is a Zoo... it would be wonderful if there was a recipe/database software package available to enter all our friends and relatives and any food issues or allergies they may have. Then when we put our dinner party menu and food list together, we can find out if we have anything that raises a red flag.

We have friends who are allergic to eggs, some that are allergic to anything with a wine reduction sauce, peanut butter, etc. Having just a simple database for people and their food issues or allergies would be a good start, but combining it with a recipe and menu planning software package would be marvelous!

Many thanks for any suggestions or ideas!
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