Food is Culture, and Culture is Food (Be proud, be aware)

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Just blew me away that Red Beans and Rice (Week 5=Cajun/Creole) was a mystery to so many in my California classroom. I had to drag a number of folks (of many colors and creed) out to my car to hear this simple tune that emphasizes the simple yet exemplory point that reverberates through so many dishes any well-versed cook/chef/whatever you want to pretty yourself up with title-wise. "Wake up and live people":

>> Red Beans and Rice  (mp3 link; Spearhead [Home])

I don't eat red meat but I'm not a vegetarian
I like ice cream, but not much dairy
'Cos it gets in my nose, it makes me gotta blows
It's (s)not like a farmer, and it gets upon my clothes

It's rather unsightly - can even be frightening
But cold medication, it should not be taken nightly
Because everything that I put in, it comes out again

And if I'm eatin' lean, it helps me stay thin

So check out my hair (I keep it dreaded)
About my corn? (I like it breaded)
Hot from the oven? (mmm! You said it!)
Straight to the stomach ('Cos my fuel is unleaded)

But not fossil fuels, I like olive oil
I like my eggs scrambled and I never eat 'em boiled
The way to my heart, is with a garlic clove
(It smells "hella" sexy, when it's on the kitchen stove)


Red beans and rice, red beans and rice, red beans and rice,

I could eat a plate twice

Make everything... nice
So nice,

So nice,

So nice ...

Well yes, most people on the planet, eat beans and rice
They can't afford beef, or they think cows are nice
If you talk table manners don't believe all they told ya',
I eat with my fingers like an African soldier

I don't know which fork is for meat or for salad
I haven't got a clue, when they say "whet your pallete"
Eat a lot a prunes (it'll keep you loose)
Your skin'll turn orange if you drink carrot juice

I think beef jerky tastes just like a boot
And when I'm on the street, I chew a licorice root
And if I have a soar throat then I eat ginger
And I will break bread with those who are strangers

So come into my cave, tonight I will show you
That food is for life, and life I will show you
And if you're havin' problems... I invite you here
Step into my kitchen... we will cook away your fears


But if a friend has gas, then he's passin'
It gives me a headache and I gotta take aspirin
It makes me dizzy; I fix him fizzies
To calm his stomach, when it's feelin kinda' busy

But some like it white, but I like it brown
I like spicy chicken, and I can throw it down...
With chilis come red, and chilis come green
And when it's on the table, I will lick my plate clean

But then I drink a toast to the host and hostess
But first we give thanks to God the "mostest"
'Cos if I am a guest - I always wash my plate
I sip my sip a soda while I sing "Amazing Grace"

Rings on my fingers, left around the tub
The bass full a' bubbles bumpin' like a wash tub
Think about my troubles goin' down the drain
Dryin' up the puddles in the back of my brain



(I'm not even Christian, or monothiest or whatever that God stuff is all called these days, but I agree with the above 100%)
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