Food ideas for a baby shower!?

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I am trying to figure out what is the best to serve during a baby shower as the "main course" for 60 people buffet style in November, I feel that the month is necessary since some like to do seasonal things. Something that doesn't break the bank ya feel me👩🏽‍🍳 thank you so much youre input is more important than my parents advice.
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Unclear as to the setting. First, 60 is a LARGE baby shower.
Normally, even that size Id do elegant appetizers, but finger food
nonetheless, given the normal logistics of that type of event.
But you want main, so is it sit down on tables, with a buffet action-station?

If so, that time of year, adult females, many moms, possibly figure-conscious with holidays approaching, I'd offer something like Orange chicken, or maybe a coq au vin type dish, satueed in sauce, served over/with rice, or choice of white or brown rice, say. Winter vegetable mix, broccoli/califlower etc. A course-chop mix, so they can pick out what they dont like...(and they do!)
Some kinda fall salad, Arugula/Pesto/cashew, etc. or maybe something with beets. Rolls, that kinda thing.
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Haha.... "Worst baby shower EVER! Everyone was drinkin and getting high on catered rum balls and partying while I was out-to-HERE! I was miserable. Wahhh!" Just sayin.... :p

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