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As I check my pork loin slowly roasting in the oven, And my two daughters age 10 and 6 are at freinds homes and my wife is running errands and our new puppy Molly roams her new frontere I think back to the care my mom used to take to feed me and my btothers and father. I always remember our dinner meals being very good. It makes me wonder as my kitchen fills with the aroma of roasting meats and fall squashes how lucky I am to be a chef.With all the B*&&6sh&%t We deal with how great is it to cook a wonderful meal for your family,using that last piece of bread to sop up the sauce, alittle food running down there cheeks and every napkin you could possible own is soiled. I miss those times with my family at the table. when we slow down some, we relieze our gift and our chance to feed our family and hear that special word YYYuummmmmm!! Sorry just a little sensitive tonight. Remember eat well and live well
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OH CC I have a friend who just opened his own restaurant...Italian and his family eats with him every night. There is something wonderful in his dedication to his family. His mother and father are in helping often....and his wife makes many of the desserts. He is an inspiration!

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I make much of my own baby food, bake bread a few times a week and make sure we eat dinner together 4-7 times a week. The kids get corrected in their seats, we discuss the day's events, my husband gives a physicis lesson and the kids beg for dessert.
When I cook, I remember my mother and her mother and the tremendus work, love and care put into each meal.
Thanks CC, family is everything.
Even if they don't like mushrooms or spinach I always make them try it and never treat our home like a diner, what is cooked is dinner, no a la cart!!!!
It's also fun telling friends what was for dinner, discussing family secret recipes,and realizing how lucky we are. Good times.

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