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I've been trying to find an article or book (book chapter?) that deals with the food fears that arise for tourists who travel outside their own country.
I've made a list of categories/questions based on the fears of my collage-age students (who are probably some of the most squeamish people on earth!).

1. What is it? I've never heard of/seen it before. (fear of the unknown)
2. Is that what I think it is? (fear of the known, but never even considered eating)
3. How clean is it? (fear of germs, diseases, dirt--mother was right)
4. What is that "weird" taste? (fear of tastes that have no prior reference points, i.e. I like it or I don't like it).

Does anyone know of anything that's been written on this before?--beyond the one-page "cute" article in a beauty parlor mag.

Thanks! :smiles:


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Have you try contacting a book store that specialise in travel books? They might have be able to hel you.
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Try to visit a good tourist Internet site. Lonely Planet for example.
Check what the tips are. I mean, check the NOT TO DO list.
You will conclude to the most common fears tourists have.

Good luck.

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