food coloring... your thoughts

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i have seen a lot of cooks use food coloring and i almost tried it the other day when i was making a rasberry mousse and needed some more color but for some reason, i just couldnt find it in me to use them

what do ya all think?
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I'm against it personally. One of our pastry chefs insists on colouring everything from mousses to ice creams. Why should Granny Smith ice cream be green (no matter how pale) when I expect it to be white?

There's also something nice about a pale raspberry mousse if it explodes with flavour when you taste it. If it was a loud red, it might influence your taste buds into thinking that it ought to have more flavour. Psychology of the tongue and eye...

My favourite: martian plasma green key lime pie!

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The only time I've ever used food coloring is in royal icing for decorating cookies and when the natural flavoring results in an odd, unappetizing color. Ever noticed how strawberries can turn a bavarian creme a sick, flesh like color? or that raspberries will give an odd, grey-purple tone to some foods? As a former resident of the Key West, green key lime pie ticks me off enormously! I always send it back if it's green!
Generally, I'm not against it if it serves a useful purpose. Otherwise, it's just akin to fun-house cooking.


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I'm not against it totally. Icings certainly come to mind. But also classics of cuisine like Tandoori Chicken.

Paprika and turmeric can make do, but aren't always authentic or appropriate, depending on the dish. Annatto is another common colorant with some interesting flavors in the right combinations.

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Let me second Phil on this one, and add Tikka as another Indian Classic! :lips:

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